"Bob's Birds and Rescue"
Bob’s Birds and Rescues
When Bob has species available for adoption, they will be listed here.
Call for more details. (210)445-4423
"Bob's Birds and Rescue" is a nonprofit organization.
This rescue does incredible work with handicapped and neglected birds.
When Bob has available rescues or babies available, they will be featured on this page.
All dealings will be directly with Bob Fruth. Use the email link below to contact Bob directly.
Donations are always appreciated.
Hawkhead Parrot:  DNA Male
5-years old.  Very healthy and in great feather.  Has been a pet his whole life.  Prefers women, but is shy of men.  Usually bonds with one person at a time.  Can bite strangers.  Reduced to $800.00.
Sheila and the gang!
Bob and friends.
Here are some of Bob's rescues and permanent residents.
email me
Bob Fruth (210) 445-4423
Bob is a retired veteran of the Air Force.
We met Bob at a local bird show, where we soon became friends.  He is very involved in the local bird community, providing education to new and established bird owners in San Antonio. His work with rescue birds, and his genuine love for these wonderful companions is a rare quality. There are very few bird lovers that would take in, and rehabilitate some of the birds that he calls his family.
We will be providing information about Bob's rescues, and we will list any rescues that he has available for adoption on this page. We will also show the availability of any future babies he may have available for adoption.
UPDATED 10/5/2013

All of Bob's current rescues have been placed in new homes as of 4/20/2013.