This page will show the diet given to our parrots here at the aviary.
We believe in nutrition that includes a large variety of  foods.
When you are ready to bring your baby home​ it is very important that your cage is set up properly.
We recommend a variety of perches, both in size and texture to include wood as well as bendable rope perches throughout the cage. We also recommend at least one sand textured perch near the food bowls. Be sure to have multiple toys and smaller parrots/conures love to have a sleeping tent or sleeve. Your cage should be fun and busy.
It is extremely important that you have three (3) bowls arranged in the same area of the cage. Most cages have the bowls very spread out. It is extremely important that your baby is eating and drinking as soon as possible. The bowls in our weaning cages are all together in one area, and babies need to have a similar setup when they arrive at their new homes. You will have a fresh water bowl, a fresh food bowl and a bowl for pellets. The fresh food bowl is given once or twice a day and removed after 5-6 hours. The pellet bowl remains in the cage 24 hours a day. 
Water should be changed once or twice a day.
Below you will see pictures of the foods that we feed here at the aviary.
Place the seed mix, vegetable mix and diced apple or pear into one bowl. you can add a peanut or almond depending on the size of your parrot. 
Your fresh food bowl should look similar to this picture.
The seed mix that we recommend is:
Higgins Safflower Gold "Natural Parrot"
This is a natural seed blend that has no sunflower seed or artificial coloring.
Higgins brand products can be found online or it can be purchased by the pound at the Lockehill Feed Store.
Our vegetable mix is made with a frozen blend of white and gold corn mixed with frozen peas. We chop fresh broccoli, carrots, fresh green beans, brussel sprouts and fresh squash in a food processor which is then mixed with the frozen corn and peas. The vegetable blend can be refrigerated in a sealed container and used for 5-7 days.
We use Mazuri brand pellets which come in two sizes.
These pellets are a natural brown pellet that do not have colors or sugars found in more common brands such as ZuPreem. It is much more reasonably priced.
It can be purchased online or by the pound at the 
Lockehill Feed Store
4927 Golden Quail
San Antonio, Texas 78240