UPDATED 5/26/2023

This page will display information on hatching and availability of our
Once the website shows that there are fertile Congo African Grey eggs, we will begin taking deposits.
Eggs will be reserved in order of deposits received. Babies will be DNA tested at 4 - 6 weeks of age.
"Shaka and Maka"
"Baby Congo African Greys"
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Congo African Grey Babies 
Our Congo African Greys will lay eggs from February thru May.
We get a limited number of babies each Spring and they are in high demand.
We highly recommend that you contact us as soon as you see that we have eggs available.
Babies will be reserved in order of deposits received.

 DNA sexing is included in the price of all babies.
Once babies are pulled from the nest, we will post pictures of your baby each week as it is weaning. 
Babies are weaned and ready to go home within 3 to 3.5 months from the hatch date.
Deposits are non-refundable unless we fail to provide you with a healthy baby.
A 2023 Congo African Grey baby is $3500.
A deposit is $1500 and the balance of $2000 is due when you pick up your baby.

The baby below was our first "High Red Factor " Congo African Grey baby ever hatched at our aviary. This baby was a 2015 Spring hatch.
These babies are sold for $4500.
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Prior Years Congo African Grey Babies
2023 Congo African Grey Babies
All 2023 babies will be reserved in order of deposits received.
We have our first Congo African Grey babies of the season as of 3/7/2023.
You must speak to Terry or Diane directly, prior to making a deposit.

We have our first Grey babies of 2023 in the nest boxes as of 3/7/2023.
We are now taking deposits on 2023 Congo African Grey babies.
These babies are hatching as of 3/7/2023.
Call Terry @ (210)859-5198 or Diane @ (210)867-4756 to reserve a baby.
Babies will be reserved in order of deposits received.
The first four Congo African Grey babies have hatched as of 3/14/2023.
Unfortunately when we pulled the babies from the next boxes yesterday, we had lost three of the four babies. We pulled all remaining eggs and we expect our second group of eggs in the next few weeks. This is an unfortunate heartbreaking occurrence when dealing with breeding birds.
Once the current customers with deposits have babies, we will make any additional babies available. 
We have a few pairs with eggs in the nest boxes as of 5/12/2023.
Congo African Grey #1
Hatched - 3/10/2023
Band # TD-909
Walsh - Parker, Colorado
Congo African Grey #2
Hatched - 5/2/2023
Band # TD-
Parks - Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Congo African Grey #3
Hatched - 3/?/2023
Band # TD-
Tudisco - Wantagh, New York
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