This page will display information on rescue or other birds available for adoption. These birds will be available for a fee to select homes.
We have a wonderful pet Yellow Naped Amazon available.
Rescues, Pairs & Singles
UPDATED 6/6/2020
On this page we will list Rescues, Pairs and Single birds that are for sale or adoption.
We are reducing the size of our aviary in order to streamline our operation.
Some of the birds available are breeding pairs and some will be singles that lost a mate.
Some are rescue birds  or pets that have been taken in over the years.

email me
email me
We now have a few Rescues and current pets available for adoption.
We are downsizing the aviary and need to find good forever homes for many of our longtime residents that need more attention.
We will be screening potential homes for these birds over the next few months.
Some of the birds will have adoption fees and some will be very minimal, but all potential homes will be screened.
Call Terry @ (210)859-5198 for information on any of the birds shown below.
This is a Medium Sulfur Crested Cockatoo.
We believe that it is a 17 year old female. Her name is Leslie and came to us a year ago from a retired lady in San Antonio, Texas. She is extremely tame with my wife, but does not like me. this bird will be adopted out as a pet. We will only let her go to a person that she is comfortable with.
She loves to dance and is a very happy Cockatoo.
She prefers females.
Her adoption fee will be $1500.

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Rescues and Pets
The birds below will only be adopted out to experienced bird owners.
You must agree to keep bonded pairs together. 
 6 Year old  (Male) Yellow Naped Amazon
Stewie is a wonderful Yellow Nape that we aquired when he was two weeks old. He was paired with an older Orange Winged Amazon that died about a year ago. We rarely sell pets that we have, but we feel like he would do better in a home with much more attention than we are able to give him while running a busy avairy. He has been very lonley since his cage mate passed away and deserves a wonderful home. We will be very particular about the home that he goes to. 
His adoption fee is $1200 to the right home.
These two rescues came to us from two different abusive situations. Marjorie is a 7 year old female Nanday Conure with a thyroid deficiency and Blue is a 22 year old Blue Crown Conure. We try to pair all of our rescues witha friend whenever we can. These two are extremely bonded and must be adopted together. They have adapted well to our diet and are both healthy and strong.
They are free to just the right caring home.

Bogart is a Sky Blue Lacewing Indian Ringneck Parrot, that came to us from a college student that could no longer care for him. 
He is a little afraid of hands but doesn't bite when I handle him. He would be a great pet for someone that invested a little time with him. 
His adoption fee is $500.