On this page we will feature some of our extended family that have sent in pictures or videos of the birds that were adopted from T&D Aviary over the years. 
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T&D's Extended Family Customer Ratings
Amy adopted her Pineapple Green Cheek "Minnie" almost a year ago. Amy sent us several wonderful pictures this week of Minnies birthday celebration.

I've made a crazy, adorable little friend this past year, and she's been nothing but a joy to be around. I'm truly grateful to have gotten her from T&D Aviary, and if I were ever to get another bird I'm sure it would come from you again. What's also miraculous to me is how Minnie has completely recovered me from my loss of my dear cockatiel last year, who was with me since I was in 4th grade. She brings nothing but smiles to my face, and has kept me company during some of those stressful moments when I crack from too much studying... 
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Julie is a freind and former co-worker that owns two beautiful Severe macaws. 
Her special baby is a wonderful Severe macaw named Simona. 
Simona was a special bird at our aviary that ate a large amount of wood chips while in the brooder. She had to have several vet visits to remove them. 
Julie sends us pictures and updates often. This might be the most spoiled macaw in the history of our aviary. 
The first picture is the greatest picture that we have ever received from a past customer.
Julie actually won the grand prize at this years "AEBC" bird show in live oak. Go Julie! Go Julie!
She has now added a third member to her family of macaws. Here is a picture of her new baby harlequin macaw.
This macaw could not have gotten a better owner.
"Dale and Veiko"
Dale is a close friend of Julie. Dale adopted a Double Yellow Head amazon last year. 
This is one of Trooper and Kiras brothers. 
Julie tells us that Veiko has completely taken over Dales house and travels everywhere with him. 
Veiko is already a great talker.
Vanessa, Muchacho and Tozer.
Vanessa is one of our favorite Grey owners. 
She sent us a few pictures of Tozer chewing on a wine cork with the following caption:
Terry and Diane
"It's a match made in heaven, I love wine and Tozer loves the cork"
That is one spoiled baby grey..............
Meet Marley!
Marley is a Sun conure that was born at our aviary with some sort of neurological disorder. If you have met us, you know that we don't put down birds that are born with handicaps. Our dear friend Vanessa told us about a wonderful lady that wanted to add Marley to her flock of feathered friends.
Once we met Kim, we knew she would be the perfect mother for Marley. Kim has gotten Marley all of the vet care and therapy that he has needed and he is thriving under her care.  Marley cannot use his feet, and has learned to walk using his knees and beak to guide him. Kim has modified his cage so that he can live a normal life with his other feathered buddies. 
We are so pleased to have met such wonderful friends as Kim and Vanessa.
Click the link to see Marley on YouTube
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See what our customers have to say about our aviary.

1/22/2013  David & Karen,San Antonio, TX    
We picked up our little Sun Conure - Koolaide on Saturday, January 19, 2013. He is so adorable and loves to cuddle. He will lay on his back and step up and is friendly with our Parrotlet -Blue even let's Blue preen him. We appreciate the help and understanding Terry & Diane gave us on our desires on wing clipping.

12/22/2012  Heather, Universal City, Texas    
I recently adopted a beautiful baby Sun Conure from T&D for a cage mate for my 3 year old Sun Conure, Phoenix. I can't say enough about these wonderful bird people. They were so helpful and raised the sweetest Conure ever. The disposition of this darling Sun is so gentle and loving. She is remarkably adaptable, and has already made friends with Phoenix. She is very people friendly, and a wonderful cuddle-bug. I definitely know where I am going to for my next feathered companion!!! 

11/4/2012  Clay, Allaena, CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas    
We brought home our baby girl in September and it was obvious the detail and care that went into the hand weening. We have a smart socialized bird and the day after we brought her home and took her to the vet even the vet complimented the health and socialization she displayed. Terry and Dianne answered all of our questions before and after we picked up our grey.Their home was clean and obvious that they love what they do. We recommend them highly and if ever get another bird we know where to go

8/22/2012  Nicole, Plano, TX     
We had an absolutely wonderful experience adopting our baby Congo African Grey from Terry and Diane. We were able to visit our sweet baby while she was being weaned, and Diane even met us part of the way to deliver the newest member of our family. Rue has a sweet, affectionate, and sound temperament, which is a result of the wonderful work Terry and Diane do when raising their babies. Thank you again!!

8/20/2012  Lori, Hutto, Tx    
Highly recommend T&D Aviary. Brought my baby Grey home on Saturday, she adjusted so quickly and well. Took her to a vet today and she complimented how well behave she was and healthy she was. Thanks Terry and Diane for answering all my questions!

8/13/2012  Jessica, Waco, Tx.    
I would highly recommend buying a bird from Terry and Diane! They are a pleasure to do business with and very knowledgeable! I recently bought an Eclectus from them and could not be happier! They answered all my questions before I brought my Eclectus home and are still answering questions. They treat their birds like family and give all of them lots of attention. It is obvious when you go to their home and see how spoiled every bird there is! Thanks Terry and Diane!

8/8/2012  Ramiro, Edinburg, TX    
Honest trustworthy family business, do not hesitate to contact for any of your bird needs. Gave us great advice about feeding, handling our new baby african parrot. Thank you 

7/31/2012  Vanessa, San Antonio, TX    
Diane and Teryy are not only extremely knowledgable, but kind and accomodating as well. There were several times they allowed me into their home in order to visit my baby grey. They always made me feel welcome and made time to answer my questions and concerns. I brought my baby home yesterday and I am amazed at how well adjusted he is; preening, playing and taking in his surroundings. He is not at all timid! I appreciate the Segura's for being such contentious bird breeders and nice folks too

7/3/2012  Susie, Laredo, TX    
Very knowlegable in the bird field. Always polite and willing to help with any questions or concerns. Terry and Diane are 2 extraordinary people. I am so happy I got my baby African Grey from TD Aviary. Even after I broght my baby home I still get calls from them to see how I am doing with the bird. Thank you Terry and Diane for all the advice and for always being there when I have a question.

3/17/2012  Antoinette, Cibolo, Texas    
We got a jenday from them, and on our first day with our new baby we had so much fun. His name is fritz. I would say the T&D were awsome people and we got to vist our baby a month befor we took him home, they were so nice to use and heplful with another bird we already have. We got a tour of the other birds they have and we got more excited about our jenday that we got. I'm already looking to get another bird with them some time with then the next few months. 

3/17/2012  Michael, Austin, TX   
 I'm so happy I found T&D Aviary! Terry and Diane are both incredible. They were great about keeping me informed about my beautiful little Lovebird and answering my questions before and after I picked up the sweet little guy. He's beautiful, healthy, and happy thanks to Terry and Diane. I was also very impressed with their entire aviary - very nice and clean, and all their birds are obviously incredibly happy.

1/7/2012  Terri, Giddings, TX    
We adore our 2 gorgeous baby green cheek conures we adopted today. They are in excellent health and adapting to their new home very well. We enjoyed meeting you and we thank you for loving birds and breeding them with heart and soul. I highly recommend T&D Aviary and would not hesitate to adopt from them again in the future! 

11/21/2011  Kimberly
     After lots of research we decided on TD Aviary. We couldn't have picked a better breeder. Our Jenday Conure is the most loving sweet girl. She is very snuggly and friendly even with our 3 year old daughter. Thank you so much Terry and Diane we love our girl so much!!! 

11/21/2011  Caren, Schertz, Tx    
My baby sun is the sweetest baby. She is beautiful and healthy. They kept me informed of her development and really made a connection with me. I love my baby and so happy I got my from T&D Aviary.

11/21/2011  Krissa,    
 Terry and Diane are wonderful. When we were looking for a "first bird" for my daughter they put her needs first. They run a clean and compassionate aviary-it is clear they truly care about their birds and want to be sure each family is a good fit. Thank you both!

11/7/2011  Alina, Houston , Texas    
I cannot say enough about T & D Aviary. What a wonderful experience! As soon as I held my baby Sun I felt like she had known me forever. She let me kiss her on her belly & even under her wings. The love & care that this wonderful couple showed her ensured that she was able to trust her new human mommy immeditately & made sure I had the proper instructions to make sure that my baby would grow up healthy and secure. The aviary was very clean and all parrots were healthy & happy. 

10/30/2011  LeAnn, Abilene, TX    
We adopted a beautiful, green cheek. She is the most loving, affectionate bird. She was so adjusted and tame when we got her. She is beautiful and healthy! We love her more and more each day!

9/17/2011  Lilia Almaguer, Boerne, Tx    
This is the first time we do bussiness with Terry and Diane we bought a sun conure it is very beatiful bird and very tame. Terry and Diane are very wonderful people and they were in contact with us the whole time our bird was on hold and were able to anwser any question we had and we look forward to doing bussiness with them in the future. We really recomend them.

9/13/2011  Jeff, San Antonio,  Texas
I purchased my african gray Pearl from t&d. thanks to the obvious attention given to her as a baby, she came to me a very loving bird who doesn't bite and enjoys being scratched behind her head. thanks again

8/10/2011  Richard, Post Falls, Idaho    
Terry and Diane are awesome! They are very passionate about their brids and it really shows in the babies. Not only is my new baby the most beautiful Orange Winged Amazon that I have ever seen, he is also the most friendly, and well socialized. I would recommend T and D Aviary to anybody who is looking for the ultimate companian bird.

7/25/2011  Jeremy, San antonio, Texas    
Terry & Dianne are the most wonderful people you would ever meet. After searching for a couple years to find an orange wing Amazon which are becoming a rare bird to find, I came across T&D aviary's website and saw eggs on reserve for the orange wing. I called Terry and I knew from then on I would be taken good care of. I will recommend anybody whose looking for any type of bird to contact Terry & Dianne you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much T&D aviary for everything.

7/21/2011  Steve,    
 We have never had a Sun Conure, yet have had a hand raised Cockatiel. We went to pick up our bird & the family who owns tdaviary completely blew us aware with the clean, organized aviary they have. Each & every one of their birds was given an amazing amount of love & attention. I was so impressed once I handled my new female Sun Conure, I put a deposit on a Yellow sided Green cheek!! Got him just the other day. He is even a more loveable bird than the Conure. This family gets an A++! 

6/16/2011  Amy, San Antonio, Texas    
 I've enjoyed the company of my little pineapple GCC for about a month now. Minnie has been a delight to everyone she meets. It was a crazy journey from the day I met Terry to the day I brought Minnie home, but he made the experience wonderful and informational at the same time. T&D aviary has given me one of the best birds I'll ever have, no doubt. Thank you so much for introducing me to my tiny once-in-a-lifetime companion! She makes me smile every day. 

4/27/2011  Roxanne, Abbeville, LA   
 Terry and Diane are awesome people that raise their birds with love and care. I highly recommend these breeders. I am a first time bird Mom and they were so helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. I am from LA and Terry went the extra mile and drove 4 1/2 hours to meet me 1/2 way to deliver my 2 baby boy conure's. These boys are the most well adjusted and affectionate birds. I thought it would take time for them to warm up to me but to my surprise they immediately attached to me. THX

4/10/2011  Nancy, Henrico, VA    
If I could rate this transaction, it would be a 12! Got Ollie yesterday and she is a doll baby. She was well socialized, Terry and Diane did a wonderful job raising her and I would highly recommend them. One more thing, they raise their babies from their heart and you don't find many folks like that.

3/30/2011  Talia,     
 I highly recommend T&D Aviary! I was worried about getting a bird...as a first time owner, but Terry and Diane are so great with their babies that by the time they get to you they are wonderfully tame and loving! I just copied what I saw Diane doing and Max, our sun conure, let me step right into the role of being his mama! Thank you so much, Terry and Diane for doing such a great job with our baby and for your guidance & reassurances along the way! Max is a sweet heart!

1/19/2011  Lucinda, Concord, NC     
I want to thank Terry for allowing me to adopt my two baby girls, Minnie Cinnamon and Molly Sunshine.Terry's birds are the best. They are extremely healthy and very well cared for. He loves his birds. I will never buy from anyone else, I will be getting another baby soon. His knowledge for these birds is outstanding, He helped me out all the way. I would recommend him. Never buy from any chain pet stores. U want a bird this is the place! Thank you Terry for everything.TD Aviary-A+++++ 

1/16/2011  Ron & Sherry Walker, Monroe, La    
Our baby..BaaBoo was born four months ago and we recently united with him through Terry and Diane. We absolutely are thrilled with this new addition to our family... absolutely thrilled! I felt from the very start of our association with Terry and Diane that they were in love with all their birds and I could trust them. My gut feelings proved correct! Terry and Dianne are the greatest! Space limits me in expressing my gratitude to them. Five Stars go out to T D AVIARY. Thanks.Ron/Sherry

12/9/2010  Janice, Houston, TX    
Terry and Diane have made our experience great. Their love for the birds is so obvious and contageous. They love every bird as if it were their only one. They are extremely knowledgable and helpful with advice and tips. Our yellow nape was having problems adjusting, and Terry called every day out of concern and was able to calm our fears and walk us through the adjustment period. We are extremely grateful and would highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing a bird. 

11/23/2010  Jennifer, San Antonio, Texas   
 It has been awhile since I brought my baby home. She is perfect well adjusted and friendly I have been very happy to have and love her. I was a new bird owner and Diane was there with me the whole way. Whenever I have a question or concern there is a quick response. They truly care about their birds and care where they go home to. I highly recommend TD aviary for a first time and repeat bird owner!

11/18/2010  Jake, San Antonio, TX,     
I had a very great experience dealing with Teri and Diane. A great resource of information. Would definitely do business with them again. Absolutely love my healthy' beautiful Sun Conure.

8/4/2010  Angela Cole, Dickinson, Texas   
 Hello Terry and Diane, Thank you so very much for being such loving breeders! I let everyone know that T&D Aviary is the ONLY place to look for a loving, sweet bird to cherish. The time that the breeders and their family spent with the babies truly shows in our baby "Skittles" (sun conure). She loves to be held and cuddled, even kisses We have fallen in love with her! Thanks Terry for bringing her to Houston, I spent the travel expenses I saved on Skittles some new toys! keep in touch!

8/3/2010  Traci, San Antonio, Tx   
 Thank you Terry and Diane for your love that you put it to your birds it shows so much in the babies personaility. We are so greatful we found you guys to adopt from for our first sun conure.Zeeva is a joy to have and we love her so much already.We look forward to bringing home another baby in the future. You guys were a delight to work with and all your birds are wonderful thank you for allowing us to visit your home and avery. God Bless, the Westling family and Zeeva.

6/14/2010  Lori Gordon, Portsmouth, Virginia     
We just recieved our sun conure about a week ago and absolutely LOVE her!!! I was very nervous about getting a bird, I had a bad experience with my brothers bird biting me, but let me tell you that I absolutely love Sunny our new bird. She has not even attempted to bite me at all and is very loving!!!! I would definaltyl recommend getting a bird from T&D!! My husband calls them frequently with questions and they are always willing to help!! Already resevered baby Jenday from them!!!!!

6/4/2010  Beth, Saco, Maine    
 I just got my sweet baby Jack(sun conure) home yesterday and I could not be more thrilled! He took to me immediately and is absolutely gorgeous! Terry and Diane are two amazing people who go above and beyond to guarantee you a companion for life! I am so glad I found them and that I have the privilege to raise and love one of their babies! They helped me learn more than I ever could have searched online and they really know their birds! Thank you Terry and Diane! Jack and I thank you both! xoxo

6/4/2010  Charles, Seattle, Washington    
We got a wonderful DHY Amazon from T&D. He is one of the friendliest, most attractive birds that I've ever seen. The entire experience has been fantastic - Diane made sure every detail was provided before he arrived and has checked in regularly. Highly recommended!

6/2/2010  Dee Bond, Lake Jackson, Texas     
Have been in contact with Terry & Diane for one year in researching CAG's. I highly recommend T&D aviary in San Antonio. We met Terry and Diane Segura this weekend and they are wonderful people. They showed us around the aviary and I was quite impressed. The birds are so beautiful and their colors are so brillant, very healthy and so well socialized. Our CAG Cher has been vocalizing since we picked her up & loves to be picked up and given head scratches. She is a wonderful addition thanks T&D

6/1/2010  Stephanie Davila, Leander, Texas   
 We brought home Bella, a sun conure, last week and it has been nothing but pure joy to have her! I want to thank Terry and Diane for allowing us the privilege of being parents to this adorable bird. They have been nothing but great throughout this whole process and their kindness and love for their birds is clearly evident. I would recommend them to anybody interested in becoming a lifelong companion to one of these wonderful birds! Impressed by T&D Aviary so much I am also gonna purchase a DYH!

5/31/2010  Kimberly
Austin, TX    Working with Terry and Diane has been great. If I have any questions I can call them and get much needed help. Leeloo is such a well adjusted, sweet, loving, and gorgeous bird. She is the perfect addition to my family. Thank you Terry and Diane for the love and dedication you put into all your birds. You make it easy for a first time bird owner like myself to feel confident and secure. My sister has also purchased a Sun Conure and my mom is purchasing a bird from them as well. Thank You. 

5/30/2010  Taryol & Ryan Nelson, College Station, Texas    
Absolutely amazing bird. This sweetest baby we have ever seen. Terry and Diane spent a great deal of time with the baby and made her the most loving baby ever. Thank you for our news family member Lulu !!!

5/21/2010  Carlos D, Fort Worth, TX    
 After months of aniticipating our child Shakira (DYH), we came home last week with her. I cannot tell you enough how helpful Terry and Diane were...simply amazing. My family and I were also very impressed on how much they care for their "babies" (birds). Their website kept us well informed with updates and picture...pure greatness! BEST AVIARY by far in birdbreeders.com Thank you Terry & Diane for our new baby! 

5/18/2010  Vanessa O'Bryant, San Antonio, TX    
 These guys are awesome! I got to visit whenever I wanted, they showed me the whole aviary, and are super friendly. The birds are all very healthy and well socialized. My new CAG was so well socialized and comfortable, he was playing and vocalizing within an hour of coming home. I'm also able to call with questions whenever I want. I would recommend this aviary to everyone!

5/15/2010  Janet G., Sarasota, Florida   
 I recently visited Terry and Diane's aviary and brought home a beautiful DYH Amazon baby. Everything about the T&D Aviary set-up is impressive: roomy, clean cages (many built by Terry); nutritious, fresh veggie mix supplements (prepared by Diane), and best of all - I observed lots of time and attention given to socializing and enjoying their birds. (I was treated to 1-year-old Trooper's rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" and found his vocabulary and ease with strangers to be amazing!) 

4/30/2010  Myrna & Jerry, San Antonio, Tx    
After spending lots of time looking for our first bird we found T&D Aviary. The wait was well worth it. We recieved the most tamed and beautiful Sun Conure. The experience was very pleasant as well as informative. We enjoy our new baby so much we are going to add another (Orange Wing Amazon) to our family from T&D in July. If you are looking for that special pet you need not look any further. Myrna & Jerry-San Antonio, Texas

4/17/2010  Melissa, San Angelo, TX    
WOW!!! I am so amazed!! My new baby Sun Conure Is absolutey more than I could have expected !! I love him He is So Healthy and Social ... I would not Hesitate to purchase another baby From Diane and her Husband :) They were so nice and willing to Communicate and answer any questions I had. Thank you all SO much for loving your Birds so much !! 

3/30/2010  Sophia, San Antonio, TX    
I recently purchased a cinnamon green check conure. She is so well socialized, and absolutely adorable. Terry & Diane’s website is wonderful, and constantly updated so you can watch your baby grow week by week. I have raved about this aviary to all who listen, and would definitely do business with them again. Very knowledgeable and friendly! 

3/29/2010  Sandee, San Antonio, TX    
Terry & Diane are great. I was provided with pictures and updates on my two cinnamon geen cheek conures up until the day I brought them home. The babies are well socialized, very friendly, and beautiful to boot. I would definitely adopt from them again in the future.

3/27/2010  Bre & Kris, Kingwood, Tx    
We bought a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure today and she is already tame not to mention beautiful and very sweet.. We went at there house and got to see her parents and all their other birds. They were all so healthy. We were very impressed with their upkeep. They were also very helpful when we asked questions. I would definatley recommend purchasing a bird from them!!

3/8/2010  Jeanine Abdo, , Texas   
 We purchased a Jenday Conure for our son's Christmas present from Terry and Diane and have fallen in love with the bird. He has quite the personality. It is all thanks to T&D for the love and commitment they have for all their birds. What a great gift and what a wonderful loving bird family they are...

2/28/2010  Janell & Robert, Bryan, Texas    
Terry and Diane, it was so good to finally meet you after emailing and phone calling for months! We are very happy with our new sun conure. We did also get the green cheek from Carl. The sun is Sarafina and the Green Cheek is Sasha. Your aviary is very impressive and very clean. It was also good to meet Trooper and hear him sing. He is a character. We'll be sending you some pics of our babies eventually. Take care!

2/27/2010  Trevor, San Antonio, Texas    
 I just purchased a beautiful Jenday Conure from Terry and Diane. Ive only had experience with my budgies and Terry and Diane answerd every question i had. They are very kind people with loving birds. All thier birds are very healthy and in great condition. If you buy a bird from this wonderful family i can promise you wont regret it. They make sure that thier birds go to the best home possible. Everything you could want in bird breeder this family has. 

1/16/2010  Dana, San Antonio, TX   
 I just purchased a beautiful green parrotlet from Terry and Diane. I have to say, they are great. They truly care for their birds and it shows. If I ever decide to purchase another bird, it will definatly be from them. I am so glad I found them. 

12/24/2009  Matthew Miller, San Leon, Texas    
Terry and Diane are amazing people. Anyone fortunate enough to be able to take home one of their babies should jump at the opportunity!! They were by far the cleanest breeder my wife and I have ever seen. They genuinely love all of their birds and you can tell that every bird is very well taken care of. We got a female Jenday Conure that is by far the sweetest most affectionate bird we have. If you get the chance to meet their Amazon Trooper, he might sing you a song at only 4 monhs old!!

    I could not adequately describe the wonderful experience that I had with this breeder. This is an indoor aviary that was incredibly clean and well cared for. Terry builds all of the enclosures, and all of the birds were extremely healthy and happy. I have never seen anything like it. Even the breeder birds were tame. They are not very big, but Terry, Diane and their two sons have a majic touch. My new Congo african Grey came right to me as soon as I met him. What a great all around experience.

6/23/2009  Rebekah, Plano, Texas
    I recently brought home a DYH amazon from Terry and Diane. They gave me enough formula and food to last a few weeks. I had him checked by an avian vet who said he was extremely healthy and the sweetest amazon she'd ever seen. The birds at T&D are loved and very well socialized. When I arrived to pick him up, he was content to be handled by people he had never seen before. They really are spoiled with love and attention. If I ever purchase another bird, it will absolutely be from T&D aviary.

6/2/2009  D'Aun, Bandera , tx   
 I purchased a Blue Indian Ringneck from this breeder. This bird is extremely tame well adjusted. I really liked the weekly update with a new picture of my baby, that allowed me to watch him grow up. Thank You Terry and Diane