"Sponge Bob"
Sponge Bob is a female "Sun Conure " born at our aviary on 12/26/2009. She was born handicapped, with a "splayed" right leg. "Splayed leg" is a condition that sometimes happens when the mother sits too tightly on the baby after it is born, causing the leg to grow out to the side. Diane made a splint for her out of a makeup sponge that allowed her leg to straighten over a period of two  months. Her foot still points out to one side, but she doesn't know that it isn't normal. Her name was chosen before we got DNA results back. Whoops! 
She is one of the best known, and loved pets here at the aviary. 
Stewie is our beloved "Yellow Naped Amazon". 
We bought Stewie and his sister right out of the nest at two weeks old from a local breeder. Stewie is a family favorite. he has a huge vocabulary at only two years old. His favorite song is " I want to be loved by you" complete with the "poop pooh pe doo" to end the song. He also sings some eighties rock, and lets not forget his version of "Woop - There it is......
There is never a dull moment in our home.
"Lucy and Harry"
Lucy is a rare "Citron Cockatoo", and Harry is her boyfriend,
 a "Congo African Grey". These two are best of friends and share a large aviary. Lucy is the friendliest bird in our home, and she was our first large parrot. Harry does not like to be handled, but loves Lucy, and is content to stay in his aviary. Harry has by far, the largest vocabulary of all of our birds and can mimick the voices of everyone in our household, including all of the other birds around him.
"TROOPER And Kira"
These are our wonderful "Magna Double Yellow Head Amazons".
Trooper and Kira are the life of the party. At only three years old they have a very large vocabulary, and can sing four complete songs.
Trooper will sometimes sing his favorite song "You are my Sunshine" for what seems like hours without stopping. These two are clutchmates from our March/2009 hatch.

Long before we started breeding the wonderful birds we have now, we were birdy parents to the most wonderful pets on this planet. 
We always tell people that we are breeders now, so that we don't have to describe ourselves as hoarders. On this page we will feature our beloved pets.
"Jade and Olive"
Jade is a 5 year old female "Severe Macaw" that came us from a nice lady that wanted her to have a better home. Jade is a wonderful, talkative macaw, that loves car rides and lots of attention.
At 10:00 pm on 10/15/2013, my beloved Jade died in my arms of a respiratory issue. There was no time to get her to our vet.
Rest in Peace my angel.   
Olive is the very first "Severe Macaw" hatched at our aviary.
"Mr Pickles"
Mr Pickles is a male "Solomon Island Eclectus".
Mr Pickles is the unfortunate soul that shares a cage with Trooper and Kira. Trooper torments him relentlessly, but they seem to have a love, hate relationship. Mr Pickles has a very large vocabulary for a three year old.
"Peanut and Shaka"
Peanut is a female "Congo African Grey".
She is the first Congo born at our aviary, and we just couldn't let her go. (This happens a lot) Peanut is about two years old and is really starting to talk in the last few months. She shares an aviary with "Shaka" another female CAG. Shaka is an imported CAG that came to us from a wonderful military family that brought her to this country from South Africa. 
Bella is a six year old female "Blue and Gold Macaw".
Bella believes that she is my spouse, and it is her belief that I should get rid of the other woman that lives here. (Diane)
She is a typical macaw, very active and very loving, but only on HER terms. She does allow Diane to handle her, when she wants to go to the outdoor aviary, and Diane is her only transportation. Hmmmmmm......
Lalou is Diane's special baby. 
My oldest son at one year old would say to Diane "Lalou", which of course means "love you". 
Lalou is a three month old "Orange Winged Amazon".
She was the first Orange Winged Amazon born at our aviary. We became interested in breeding this species after researching them on the internet, and finding so many wonderful groups associated with this breed. The lucky people that adopted her siblings are truly blessed. This is without a doubt the sweetest species we have ever had at our aviary. It is a shame that more people don't know about them. We will change that!
Charlie is our newest rescue from a wonderful family in San Antonio. 
Charlie is a four year old male "Harliquin Macaw" which is a hybrid species of macaw. Harliquin macaws are what you get when you breed a Greenwing Macaw with a Blue and Gold Macaw.
Charlie has been here a short time but has fallen really hard for Bella, our Blue and gold Macaw. He is a wonderful talker and he learned Bella's name on the first day here. He has also learned to count to three while raising and stomping his foot. He is an absolute cuddlebug and we are very pleased to add him to our flock.